How to learn chemistry quickly?

chemistryHow to learn chemistry quickly?

Chemistry is looking like you mystery. So here is a solution for you.

Now, you have never need to furious or frustrated about learning chemistry.

Is chemistry a romantic subject?

Oh yes, there is a bonding, reactions, formulas which looking you like monsters which ruined your mind.

But really chemistry is so easy and interesting subject.

you have to just follow a few things and this will change you in a chemistry lover.

plan for study

Do practice in loose sheets.

Write the name of a person or a thing which you love most.

Main points written in capital letters.

focus points:-

1. Divide your subject into small sections

Chemistry mainly divided into three categories:-

  1. Physical chemistry
  2. Inorganic chemistry
  3. Organic chemistry


A part of chemistry which deals with formulas numerical and calculations.

write formulas in loose sheets and paste in your room walls. After 3-4 days change the sheets.

When you doing a practice of numerical always recall the formulas and look toward your sheets.


This part of chemistry creates confusion in students mind because there are lots of reactions.

if you want to learn chemical equations very easily or quickly.

you have to make relations between your chemical equations.

Make small mnemonics to learn periodic table and some chemical equations.

learn chemistry
how to learn chemistry

Organic chemistry

organic chemistry is the chemistry which deals with your daily life product. like soap detergent, perfumes, paints etc.

this section contains lots of mechanisms and chemical reactions so you have to make separate colorful sheets which help you to recall all your reactions easily.

when you sit to learn anything you have to remove your all daily work thoughts.

take water after 30 min. session.

relate your reactions and other equations with your surrounding persons or things.

now chemistry becomes so friendly to you.

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