Who is god?

Who is god?Who is God?

We all want to know about this Word (GOD). Everyone has different perceptions about God.

Our many spiritual holly books said many stories about GOD, but still, we finding them. Why?

We all give many different statements about GOD.

I will give you some examples:-

  1. GOD is inside us.
  2. GOD has no religion.
  3. We all are children of GOD.
  4. GOD is the truth.
  5.  only devotion is the need of GOD.
  6. GOD has no real face because he only living in us.
  7. GOD is the superpower. Which controls the universe.
  8. We all have only one target that is to reach to the god.
  9. GOD is the name of humanity.
  10. God is the creator of this world and he is also the destroyer.                                                                                                                    Many peoples have lots of perceptions about GOD.

I want to give here my own ideas that what I really think about GOD.


Nature gives us food, the place for living and lots of its beautiful gifts Which inside in it,

GOD is the name of purity and freedom provided by this nature. We find him inside us but he is present in our nature.

Now, Let see where we found God and how to reach there.

God is our internal power.
for example:- We said that Lord Brahma the creator of this world same we have a power that is your creativity, your thinking ideas make this world more beautiful.  civil engineer, artist, painter.

They have the energy of God which they show in front of the world.internal power

Lord Vishnu is the administrator of this world.

So if you have the ability to manage your home, office, company, your relations and your society it means you have a power of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Shiva a destroyer. our army forces have the power to destroy negative powers and mentality. so our army forces have a power of Lord Shiva.
Same all the people have their own god inside them. Only they have to need to find him.
All the world biggest genius persons identify their internal power (ability) and work with this internal energy and they change the way of thinking of this world.
We have seen our god in truth, a hope, a believe and the last your karma all these things make you as a part of the energy of god or a devil. If you do all these work in a positive manner you have a power of god.
*Always push yourself find and raise your internal power to make this world more beautiful, lovable and peaceful.

How to know about an internal power :

  1. Find your best skill in which you give your best.
  2. Ask questions about your goal to yourself.
  3. Do yoga to give energy to your brain.
  4. Daily analyze how close you are to your goal.


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